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Bosco val di fiemme

Paneveggio nature park and the Sounding Forest


A must for your holiday is a visit to the Paneveggio Nature Park and the Sounding Wood, more than half of which is covered by woods and forests, and these ecosystems represent the most complex environments in the area.

The Park's symbolic forest is that of Paneveggio, with an extension of approximately 2700 hectares, famous in particular for the production of resonance wood.

The main pillars of this open-air temple of music are the spruce trees, prized by Stradivari and other great master luthiers such as Guarnieri and Amati. Every summer, this forest hosts a musical rite, unique in the world, devised by Claudio Delvai.

Here, internationally renowned musicians, who participate in the high-altitude music festival 'I Suoni delle Dolomiti', are asked to choose a fir tree.

This is Val di Fiemme's gift to those who spread sublime melodies throughout the world, with instruments that are born in this forests, so cosy and well maintained thanks to the management of the thousand-year-old Magnifica Comunità di Fiemme.

A mysterious connection between man and nature vibrates in the forest. Magically, the assonance between these two beings of different species, but with some common chromosomes, becomes palpable.

In the most secluded areas, portions of primordial forest can be found whose characteristics tend towards the primeval forests, those in which man has never intervened with felling. These are forests of great value in which the ancient ecological balance between plant and animal components is very slowly regenerating.

A must for your holidays with children is a visit to the visitor centre, where you will find deer and roe deer in a semi-wild state.

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